BLOG Saturday 18 April

A quiet quilter ponders whether to blow her cover

Clive Aim has submitted a deceptively gentle novel to Free Literary Mentor. It begins in the unexceptional town of Rockdale, where a shy character, Beth, is getting to know more about her new friend Alice. Alice's story introduces the extract below.

BLOG Sunday 12 April

Are you published or unpublished?

Just heard from a writer who wondered whether a self-published work available online could be considered as 'unpublished' by FLM. Answer is, to be assessed by FLM your novel must not have been published in any form or by anyone--yet. FLM's aim is to help people who are about to approach agents and/or publishers, or who are considering publishing a new work themselves. FLM is happy to see your fresh fiction and assess its potential. 

Latest Extract
Missed Stitch ~ Clive Aim ~ New Zealand

‘I was six, Sam was three and Margaret was eight. We were on a farm, Dad had work there. One beautiful day we were walking out to where the men were making hay. We stopped on the bridge that crossed the creek. Margaret and I were leaning over the top rail, looking for fish, and Sam was leaning on the lower rail. It snapped, and he tumbled in, straight into a deep pool. Margaret screamed at me to get help. I didn’t know which was closest; home or the men, so I headed home. It took forever to run. It was like a dream, where you never get any closer to the goal.' 

The Mentor’s Critique
Missed Stitch ~ Clive Aim

Clive, the quiet tone of your story led me into an erroneous first impression that little happens in the first thirty pages of Missed Stitch. Indeed, in your synopsis you say dryly that not much goes on in the town of Rockdale—except life and death. In fact, incidents do occur in the lives of the women you introduce to us.

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