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Kim Ross has created a medieval time-travel romance that has pace and drama. Check out her venturesome young heroine below. Is she bound for heaven or hell?


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Looking at the FLM archive you'll notice that the Mentor's critique of Coronation by Mark Probert is the most popular, with more than 3500 visits, so do take the opportunity to view Mark's work here.


Latest Extract
Netherrealm ~ Kim Ross ~ Australia

Within moments the silvery maelstrom settled, and Beth saw they had been encased inside a crystalline sphere as high as two tall men. At the centre stood a curious, perfectly circular wall, much allied to a tranquil pond, except it was in an abnormally upright position. The wall had split the henge's sphere into two separate sections. Beth could see through to the other side, but not too clearly, as the wall gently wavered, much like slow-rising, choppy water.

"How can this be ...?" Beth said, and her strangled whisper rebounded in the noiseless cocoon.

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The Mentor’s Critique
Netherrealm ~ Kim Ross

Kim, you have taken an original approach to this romantic story of time-travel between the 12th and the 21st centuries. First there's a nice numerical symmetry to your choice of eras! Second, unlike most authors who play with time, you begin the story in the past. We're plunged into a conversation between three very young women, during which you tell us a lot about their situation. Norman gentlewomen Lady Bethany de Lise and Lady Elena de la Chatelaine are both guests, with their families, at celebrations at Tissington Hall, the Derbyshire seat of Baron de Ashbore, whose son, Gerrat, has just been knighted.

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