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Review The King's Shadow


This gentleman is the enigmatic hero of my latest novel, to be published by Endeavour Press later this year. Want to give it a frank review? Email me today for a free pdf copy here.


Charles. The name of a king not yet on the throne. Until New Year’s Day 1660, few believe he ever will be. But on this icy morning, an army sets out from Coldstream to march on London. Is it marching to bring back the king?

Mark Denton, colonel of cavalry in that army, is the most rigorous parliamentarian in York, the scourge of royalist conspirators across the North. He must find out what his commander, General George Monck, intends to achieve in London.

Lucinda Selby, in secret revolt against Parliament and its army, allies herself with a brilliant member of the exiled court and goes to London also—with a risky mission on the king’s behalf.

In an England riven by factions, the desires of the most powerful players are the more deadly for being concealed. Meanwhile, amongst the danger and mystery moves the King’s Shadow, the most enigmatic of them all.

Latest Extract
The Book, the Rock and the Sword ~ Peat Simons

Jeremiah led the group of new recruits out along the southern breakwater, which jutted east towards the Tower of Flies. He had strolled along this sea wall countless times, but he stared transfixed for a moment by the tower, standing alone and resolute on its rocky outcrop, at the end of the eastern breakwater. From a gaping hole in its side, just above the water line, a gigantic sea-chain spewed into the ocean. Rusty, barnacled and befouled with seaweed, it hung in a massive arc across the harbour entrance. The links, each bigger than a man’s head, rested just below the surface of the water, creating a choppy line of little waves. The Office of the Chain had ordered it raised from the sea bed as soon as the siege began, to ensure no Mameluke boats entered the harbour unexpectedly.

The Mentor’s Critique
The Book, the Rock and the Sword

Peat, you finished your synopsis saying: ‘I'm very keen for comments on style, interest, options ... anything really.’ You’re a new writer who welcomes feedback; therefore, in displaying this extract for others to read, I hope you get some commentary on Facebook below. And for once I’ll expand my own focus and include some remarks about style. Usually I concentrate first on the shape of the narrative, but I have the feeling that you have an excellent grasp of form. This is the first novel in a trilogy aimed mainly at teenage boys and deals with adventure on a grand scale – nothing less than the formation of our world, its past and its future, which will be influenced by humanity’s response to a mysterious rock that lurks below Earth’s surface, and whose secret is revealed in an even more mysterious book.

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