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Dear Readers,

Welcome, and greetings! I'm the author of several historical novels published under my maiden name, Cheryl Sawyer. Click on Books in the menu to see more about them and read reviews. My novels sell in several editions around the world, and I'm also the author of a number of published short stories, plus being a contributor to Ben Bella Books' clever and amusing Smart Pop anthologies in the US.

La Créole the stage opera/musical has been brilliantly developed by Nicholas Gentile and Julia Plummer, based on my script and original book. The first showcase (partial) performance of La Créole, staged by Magnormos, took place at the Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, on 15 November 2010. La Créole was the audience favourite on the night, and this video shows the highlights, wonderfully performed by Jessica Enes, Chris Buchanan and Jensen Overend.

La Créole has already received the support of our first theatrical sponsor, the Joan Sutherland Peforming Arts Centre. It has also garnered enthusiastic testimonials from important figures in Australian classical music and musical theatre. The reward of being selected for performance by Magnormos came after a rigorous contest held last year. In March this year, the music receives a second performance under the auspices of New Musicals Australia in Sydney.
This Arts Council/music industry partnership is headed by Kris Stewart under the patronage of Stephen Schwartz. We'll continue to develop the musical with music theatre professionals, and we invite you to follow its progress in the diary on Facebook. We are also looking for sponsors to help fund a full-cast and orchestral recording of La Créole later in the year.

Meanwhile I have lately completed a play entitled Émilie & Voltaire, or The Propagation of Fire, about the extraordinary amorous and scientific adventures of the poet, philosopher and dramatist, Voltaire, and the brilliant and passionate Émilie, marquise du Châtelet. It goes into readings in the new year and I hope that its first performance will be by an Australian theatre company.

I look forward to keeping you up to date with these dramatic events.

With very best wishes,
Cheryl Hingley

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Julia Plummer and Nicholas Gentile, composers/lyricists of La Créole.

A showcase performance of this new musical took place at the Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney, on 19 March 2011.
Click here for the LaCreole diary on Facebook

Daniel Downing as Guy de Richemont and Carly Champion as Ayisha onstage at the Sideshow Theatre. Two of the many audio responses after the performance: 'All the pieces we saw were very dramatic'. 'The way the music and the phrases have been structured, and the way they were performed made them very moving.'