BLOG Wednesday 18 June

The excitement of Endeavour Press

The Code of Love is my first digital novel released by Endeavour Press. A further four are contracted and we're discussing more. Check out Endeavour here and keep an eye open for their interesting eNewsletters. I particularly enjoy their Historical news. Of course!

BLOG Monday 8 June

First digital edition of THE CODE OF LOVE

The Code of Love is a spy novel set during the Peninsular War, which pivots around Napoleon's Grand Cypher. Two people from opposite sides of the war are thrown into conflict: Bonapartist Delphine Dalgleish, on a special mission to England for Napoleon; and Sir Gideon Landor, English naval captain, ordered undercover to Paris to obtain the code. 

An historic Enigma
It's fifty years since World War II ended, and one of the great contributions to the Allied victory was the cracking of the German Enigma code, one of the most sophisticated codes ever invented. So was Napoleon's Grand Cypher--in the early 1800s, Sir Arthur Wellesley's code breakers struggled with its daunting complexity. 

Endeavour Press, UK have just released this handsome digital edition and I'm pleased to record the latest 5-Star review on Amazon: 'A gripping historical novel. The military adventure, set in the Napoleonic Wars, centres on two spies ... Cheryl Sawyer's wonderful novel is rich in historical detail, intrigue and character ...'

Latest Extract
Return to Hiroshima ~ Bob Van Laerhoven ~ Belgium

Hiroshima - Mitsuko spends the night in Hotel Ikawa Ryokan - Dobashi-Cho - March 11th 1995

Night falls, but I don't go dancing in a disco. I walk into the nearest hotel and book a room. I can't sleep, but I'm not surprised. I toss and turn in the tiny bed. I miss the familiar curves of my belly and feel like a ghost lost in the wrong body. I wasn't raised with other people, I was raised with shadows, and dreams like a puff of breath in the neck when you're alone. A girl can create her own world in such circumstances, a world in which everything has meaning. On Hashima, books and rubble were the focal point around which my existence seemed to turn. Rubble was everywhere. The island was one massive industrial ruin.

The Mentor’s Critique
Return to HIroshima ~ Bob Van Laerhoven

Bob, I found it agonising to have to select an extract from your first 30 pages, because they introduce such compelling storylines and utterly distinctive characters—what to choose from your astonishing narrative? In the end I have let Mitsuko speak because her voice begins the novel. You have great gifts as a writer and, provided your complex plot holds up in Return to Hiroshima, I predict that you will be a great gift for the right publisher. That is, a publisher looking for the skill, panache and trenchant seriousness of a writer like Keigo Higashino, with whom I have no hesitation in comparing you.

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