FLM BLOG Wednesday 25 November


'It's official! It is with great pleasure that I announce the acquisition of my somewhat romantic paranormal novel, Waking Anastasia, by Tyche Books of Calgary, for release in 2016. Thank you very much, Cheryl, for all your help.'

FLM BLOG Monday 17 November


Congratulations to a second author, yet to be named here, who has been accepted for publication in 2016 by a Canadian press! The writer says: ' Thank you for your insightful critique--I'm certain that it played a big part in them loving the story.' Will let you know about the book and author when the publisher is ready to make the announcement.  


In a fresh phase of my long career as both publisher and published novelist, I turned to writing full-time. And I found that I missed assessing brand-new fiction. So I’ve set up Free Literary Mentor as a completely free manuscript appraisal service to début novelists and their readers. During my professional life in books I’ve assessed, edited, published and reviewed prize-winning fiction and non-fiction, I’ve tutored in literature and novel writing, and was fiction publisher for an international company for twelve years—yet I’ve never lost the excitement of seeing new work. If you’re a novelist seeking constructive critiques, look below and see how Free Literary Mentor might work for you. Readers, check out the latest extract from a new novel—you may be peeking at a forthcoming bestseller. To share an opinion, click on the extract below, or go to the Free Literary Mentor archive, select another and add your comment. 

Latest Extract
Oscar Fidge: An Unlikely Hero ~ Ian Trevaskis ~ Australia


As we wheel our bikes down the hill towards Big Red's house I notice Big Red has gone all quiet. I think maybe he's feeling a bit unhappy because, like Doug the Thug, he doesn't have a Mum either. Mrs Pratt told us that Big Red and his Dad moved from the city because Big Red's mum had died from breast cancer. At least she wasn't killed in a car crash like Doug's poor mum.

"Does Doug's dad really think he's a fish?" Big Red asks. "What's the matter with him?"

"He's got a brain injury, from an accident," I answer.

"Yeah, too bad it wasn't Doug," Sparra adds. "But, then Doug probably doesn't even have a brain."

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The Mentor’s Critique
Oscar Fidge: An Unlikely Hero ~ Ian Trevaskis

Ian, you’re aiming this short novel at kids and it’s evident from Chapter 1 that you have the right tone and voice for a young audience. You use an expressive style that seems a natural fit for the narrator, Max Cooper, and it’s easy to believe he’s talking straight to us in a frank and friendly way. Max’s concerns are those of a small-town primary-school boy who’s looking for adventure close to home (in his case the big deal is fishing) and this dominates the book, bringing us effortlessly into Max’s world.

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